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You've All Seen It

I'm talking about this face, gringos. Manny gave the Golden Boy such a beating that it'd take a week for all those bruises for him to heal back to his usual good-lookin' countenance. The good, the bad, the ugly? Manny's all three - a good boxer, a bad-ass fighter, and an ugly mug.

Bad Left Hook gives a really good eulogy to De la Hoya's boxing career in this post. I never got to see the fight, but I saw the HBO specials on their training (Freddie Roach looks like he's slowly losing it out of the ring), and I saw the news reports. Pacman was Yoda, De la Hoya was Count Dooku. No contest, literally.

I like that bit where SC points out that the entire time, De la Hoya knew what he had to do - he was a really good boxer, after all - but they all just kept on coming to him way too late in the game. That's always a scary thought, man. I mean, how much do you think you can take from life when all the good ideas, all the winning combinations, keep on hitting you way after you've had the opportunity?

Bang, Golden Boy. You're dead.


  1. when he was interviewed after the fight, he looked so down that it also depressed me. tsk.

  2. who we talkin about? oscar? well. hahaha. that was really a bad fight. didn't even live up to it's title.

  3. Awfully anti-climactic if you ask me. :\

  4. @ abby: yeah, it was. is manny really that good?

  5. Either that or DLH was just REALLY out of it haha. Pacquiao was at the top of his game though. It was sad when Manny was moving around and DLH couldn't even face him in time. :\

  6. I didn't like the fight at all. You can practically tell Manny would win by round 3. =/ I don't think dela Hoya was in the best shape he could have been really...

  7. @ columbs: talaga? i never saw the fight, pero according to the blow-by-blow on the internet, the fight was interesting until after the fourth round. hay. too bad. let's all look forward to pacquiao - hatton next year. :D


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