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I must Post About the Angry Whopper.

I rarely come across a treat from a fast-food restaurant. You look at McDonald’s, Jollibee, KFC and the like, and you know you’re really not eating anything special. I mean, sure; everybody knows that the fries over at McDonald’s are the best, the hot n’ crispy chicken of KFC is awesome, and Jollibee has awesome spaghetti. But still, that’s nothing out of the ordinary.All that changed—at least for me—last night.I was meeting up with Nina at Burger King along E. Rodriguez in New Manila for dinner. Now, commuting through Taft, Quiapo, and Espana at rush hour is NOT NICE. Not nice at all. I was dizzy with heat and pollution after an hour in the bumper-to-bumper situation ALL THROUGHOUT my ride, and I vowed to cab home afterwards (I did, too, and nearly slept on the cab ride). But the journey was worth it. So worth it, just because of this little baby:Okay, this will have a little bit of bias on my part; I have always attested that the best fast-food burgers I have tasted this side of the…

A Break from the Dearth

Actually, I just took this opportunity to say that I need to blog more. Boo to bad time management; that’s a lot of prospective collateral going to waste in this blog. I don’t know. I just can’t find something blogworthy in my life recently. Maybe that’s because I’m stuck sitting my big behind in a desk all day long, but with the Internet, that’s no excuse. Maybe I’m just really lazy to write something that’s non-work. I mean, I’ve a blog post about the unholy dinner sitting in the oven, but I guess I’m just much too disgusted to even spend another minute wasting my time with Her Excellency’s face-stuffing.Anyway. Back to your lives, you kids. What's that, you say? Oh, you want something that makes your visit worth your while?Well who am I to deny you guys.Heh. Back to work, maggots.

A Short Discussion on Why Piracy is not Equal to Theft

To find out more about why people argue correctly that piracy isn’t theft, keep on reading after the jump.Get the picture? Not that I'm pro-piracy; if you can afford the original, go for it. Nothing wrong with that. But if you can't, there's nothing with a little bootlegged copy here and there.Of course Nina will tell me that some films are worth watching in the big screen. To which I will meekly submit. I really have nothing to talk about this week. Maybe later on I'll have something to say about La Presidente's $20,000 meal.Technorati Tags: ,,,,

The Advent of Distractions

So me posting this is a distraction in itself, but I believe that a writer’s greatest bane, and a marketer’s greatest boon, are distractions, and focusing on them and why they come about are just as important as deciding whether this sentence is passive or active. By the way, that previous sentence was a little of both. But let me get to the point. Living a writerly life can be very, very frustrating, especially when distractions come into play. Right now, I’m suffering from a very heavy dose of short attention span-ism, and I can hardly focus on one article before I get distracted by a tweet here, a website there, and the possibility of writing another blog post. It’s insane, I tell you. When your mind is fleeting this fast, you can’t just help but wonder: what the hell do you have to do to get your brain to bloody focus?!Through the years, though, I’ve come up with a list of the things that helps me focus away from distraction. The problem with such lists is that they’re never foolp…