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This Guy Survived on No Money, and I Can't Even

Sometimes, I wonder about possessions. I tested an experiment on my site the other week (in case some of you may not have noticed), and I'd like to say that it was fairly successful. But the fact remains that the whole point of that experiment was about making even more money.

Writing about No Man’s Sky is Making Me Want to Buy a New Computer

One of the things that I’ve been doing for work is generally writing posts about this indie game that’s been in development since the year 2011 called No Man’s Sky. And let me tell you guys: this game is going a long way towards making me consider upgrading to a new laptop. The game’s developers, Hello Games, is calling No Man’s Sky an exploration game. And it makes sense; the game has an absurd amount of planets to explore. And it’s safe to say that no two planets are alike; the game uses an engine that randomly generates the details about each planet when you head there. So think of it as an open-world sandbox that’s around a thousand times bigger than, say, GTA 5.

Superman, Black Widow Endorse Huawei P9; Company Set to Take on the World

People who watched the phenomenally spastic Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice never would have guessed that actor Henry Cavill would promote a phone that didn’t have an apple on its back. But it looks like Cavil is taking the road less traveled and placing his lot with Chinese manufacturer Huawei. In the launch of the Huawei P9 in London last April 6, 2016, Cavill was present as one of the phone’s big-name endorsers. The phone, which is Huawei’s entry into the premium mobile phone category, does look as stylishly good as Cavil does. The shiny metallic finish looks just as sultry as the dual Leica lenses adorning the front and back cameras of the phone, making it one of the more ultra-posh products produced by the company.

Apple to Revive China Sales with iPhone SE?

Looks like Apple’s slowly losing its grip in one of its biggest markets in the world, and the iPhone SE might become it’s unwitting lifesaver. According to a study by Kantar Worldpanel, the iPhone maker’s market penetration in China’s “urban” sections went down to 22.2% of the market in the first quarter of the year—which isn’t a good thing for anybody trying to make it in a country where competitors are as numerous as the people.

The New WhatsApp Encryption is Giving the Feds a Headache

Facebook just made things worse for the FBI—and for governments throughout the world. Yesterday, they made sure that WhatsApp’s encryption was so good, that they can’t even tell what it is you’re talking about in chat. That’s right folks. Remember the whole debacle between Apple and the FBI? Well, CNET reports that Apple’s encryption is going to be the least of the bureau’s worries. That’s because WhatsApp can be installed on any mobile phone, regardless of OS.

Site Under Construction; Meanwhile, Work's Back to Normal

So just a couple of new things. I am currently not posting since work is slowly starting to get the best of me. But that doesn't mean I'm not writing. In fact, you could say I've been writing way more than I've ever been in the last six years.

Meanwhile, yes. I'm also changing some of the things in this blog again. One of the things that has been contributing to the stress I get from work is the fact that I am, as Maddox puts it, staring at a light bulb for the better part of a day. This is why my mobile phone and my computer are both currently sporting reversed colors. I'm hoping that this makes staring at a screen for hours on end easier on my eyes.