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Moral Relations

All my life, I was taught to respect the Catholic church. Living in a predominantly Roman Catholic nation, and studying with the Christian Brothers, I grew up with the ideal that God was this supreme being that you'd need special shades to be able to see, and that Jesus was a kindly superhero who helped time travelers and their hapless robots, thanks to The Flying House and Superbook.Recently, however, a spate of events have led me to reconsider, if not my faith, the elements that attribute to my faith.

Workout Log #1

I've been planning on making a daily log of what I ate and what exercise I did. I discovered that one of the obstacles to this endeavor is the fact that it's so bleepin hard to keep track of what you ate!But at any rate, we'll never know until we give it a shot, so I'm going to start with a rather non-flattering recount of yesterday.

More New Beginnings

You could be wondering what the hell it is with the constant change of web addresses. Well, I figured that I wasn't really the introspective , artsy-fartsy type when it came right down to it.So this led me to thinking that maybe the reason why I wasn't blogging so efficiently was that before, I was't really being "who I was", whatever that means. Reading back to my old posts, I figured that I wrote best as a snarky know-it-all. Plus I figured I could care less about this city or any other city. Location is a vessel, and the more I tried to read into it, the more I realized that where I was currently was no different from me being in a Volvo. Or a Dachshund. So I decided to be more blatant about my blog. I am a fat man. Therefore, the fat man cometh.Another thing is that this marks my first email post. So if this is successful - MOOHAHAHA.