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And After Another Sleepless Night

I can honestly say that I never ever should have read through the entire Watchmen series because it has furthered my understanding that I might never fully enjoy the upcoming eponymous movie the way it was meant to be enjoyed (and if we're to take 300 as a template, that would be tantamount to something like no brains + more testosterone please).

Here's a nice interview with Dave Gibbons, the man who drew Watchmen, and his reactions to the upcoming film. I have to say, it's pretty heartening to hear him talk about it so enthusiastically, although there's the possibility that with Alan Moore ditching rights to the franchise as far as the film is concerned, Gibbons will be getting a bigger piece of the pie.

However, there's this really nice (and admittedly old) video of Alan Moore and his take on why his comics (or most good comics, in general) can't be turned into movies. Check his blood-curdling reading of one of Rorschach's journal entries in the middle:

I find it curious that the man who did the visuals on the comics agrees with the movie whilst the man who was behind the storytelling doesn't. I think that that's a very important aspect of why Moore disregards attempts to cinematize his works as second-rate and outrightly stupid.

Ahhh, writers. There's no pleasing them.

The other day, I started working on a post that was inspired by two news stories that re-instated my faith in the common man.

1. the first story was about this Israeli who pretty much fisted Dell over for a hundred or so dollars just because he was asserting his rights as he had read in the fine print of Dell's end-user license agreement. You can read the full story here.

2. the second story here tells us of a man who spent a hellish ordeal inside his Hummer for over fourteen hours just to make a point, the point being that Mexican police (not unlike our Pinoy locals) were corrupt to the core.

And since it IS morning and I haven't slept a wink despite the scotch, I am going to turn in.


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