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Life and Lemons

Just when I was about to say, “Hey, I’m finally blogging again!” I inexplicably stop blogging. I can explain, really.Well, not really. I blame work. Ahh, work, the universal scapegoat. Second only to life. Because when work isn’t happening, life happens. Thus, we forget to blog.Sometimes, don’t you just wish that work would just…go away? In Black Books, Bernard Black complains about all the people going into his bookstore. Bernard: Look at them. What do they want from me?Manny: Well, they want to buy books.Bernard: Yes, but why me? Why do they always come to me?!I think anybody who’s faced the concept of a full nine-hour workday has faced this same sentiment. Unlike Bernard, though, who refuses to face the reality that he sells books for a living, the more sensible people living in the here and now know that we need to work in order to survive.But sometimes, it’s a lot easier to just ask why?