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This is why I Hate Philippine Journalism

I'm sure most of you Pinoy readers have heard about the recent capture of the infamous leftist personality known as Jose Ma. "Joma" Sison in the news. I really don't have much to say to that, except that the capture probably had something to do with the humongous bounty on the man's head. Matter of fact, that's probably the same reason why all them militants are busy with the riots: they wanted to be the one to bag Sison's ass.

My issue right now is with this front-page article the Star printed out today. You can find the story here. It's a pretty well-known fact that while journalism as an art borders more on getting information than writing a good article, I've noticed that while most Pinoy newspapers are getting better and better at digging up the juiciest pieces of news to feed the growing public demand for sensationalism, the entire enterprise's going down in terms of article quality. Some, like the article I just pointed out, even defeats…

Global Integrated Joint Operating Entity

Otherwise known as G.I. Joe. After the blockbuster hit that was the Transformers movie (I know you didn't like it, Louie), Hasbro decides to cash in on yet another of its longest running line of action figures, and turns the G.I. Joe franchise into a live action movie.

Now, while 80's kids spent the months before Transformers' release waiting on tenterhooks for the result of Michael Bay's rendition of the old cartoon, the actual film, while it wasn't what you'd call perfect, was a passable action flick that did nothing to ruin the memories of folks my age worldwide.

The premise of the G.I. Joe movie, on the other hand, literally snatches the story of the old cartoon series and reworks it from the ground up. The group is now an international task force, based in Brussels, Belgium, thus the name. God only knows if Cobra Commander'd even be there.

(For the benefit of the uninitiated, GI Joes actually refer to government issued 'joes,' or soldiers, which …

Some News, The Blues, and Elementary, My Dear Watson

I just enabled linebreaks for my Blogger account. For the longest time, I preferred using the break html tags to generate the paragraph breaks in my entries, but since I started feeding the content of The Zeppelin's Mezzanine to Multiply, the result's been a little bit fugly, at best. So at the cost of seeing badly-spaced previous posts here at Blogger, I've ensured that in the future, both accounts will be formatted properly from now on.

Meanwhile, I've hit what is popularly known as a slump. There was an episode wherein one my siblings thought that I was a bipolar individual (she suspects that plenty of people she hangs out with may be suffering from the psychological ailment - it isn't much of a coincidence that most of the people she's with are artists). While I don't think I'm anywhere near the precipice of going overboard, there might be some truth to what she suspects.

Wikipedia (every technophile's friend) states that bipolar individuals tend …

Crossposting and Multiplying

I will now begin cross-posting all my Blogger blog posts into my Multiply account, since a whole bulk of my friends are in Multiply and are probably missing out on the various fun-filled adventures my life has to offer (such as lugging a closet around, talking to a pig, and twisting my leg while acting like an idiot).

All my music reviews which I have previously been posting in the blog area of my Multiply site will, from this day on, be found in the reviews section of the said webpage, where they truly do belong.

Now if only there was a way to funnel my Tabulas ficciones to Multiply. Oh, and if you don't know my Multiply account, you need but to ask. And ye might receive.

Sometimes, This Place Just Sucks

This city needs a 24-hour delivery service for all furniture involved. I mean, the offices within the city expect us to work eight-hour shifts six days a week. How bad can a deliver service for furniture be? I mean, do I have to go all the way to Lumbia's SM just to get for myself a good and cheap closet with at least four months' of warranty and a delivery service to my house?

Funny thing about my place, too. I live in a really old village that's hardly populated. How's that for irony? The street my apartment is in, unfortunately, is a glorified dirt road that has no name. I hesitate to receive letters here for fear of the delivery person getting lost in transit.

I miss Manila.

Martin Cruz Contra El Mundo (1:24 P.M.)

The universe has a very funny way of making me do things. I read in a book that by looking at the things in nature, we can perceive even the messages of God; for the smaller stuff, the messages are hurled at you with the velocity of an F1 racer on a straight stretch of road.

This morning is a prime example. I've always had the hardest time sleeping (due either to insomnia or a mild case of asthma-induced sleep apnea), and last night, it took me a record of EIGHT HOURS to fall asleep. So yes, I technically fell asleep when the alarm went off at 8:33 A.M. (don't ask, I keep weird alarm hours). Thank the gods that my shift was on at two in the afternoon.

And then, at exactly 1:24 in the afternoon, just as I was on that edge teetering between dream (I was, I think, cooking pasta in front of a multitudinous throng in that dream), and waking, reality decides to butt in and kick me out of the pasta festivities by pulling the plug on the electric current that keeps the little apartment …