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One of the things I've been doing recently is lifting weights. This isn't exactly news to most people, as I've been exercising seriously on and off for more than a decade now. But what's different this time? Well, I think the biggest difference lies in the fact that I'm not just lifting bodyweight. This time around, I'm trying to graduate to more serious weights.

Recent posts

Bedbugs are a Big Problem

I recently wrote about bedbugs, and I can't help but think that, here in the Philippines, not that many people are aware - or even concerned - about them. A bed bug outbreak is one of the most difficult pest control issues to contain. That’s because these bugs populate at a fast rate, and while they don’t spread diseases like other bugs, they do have some unwanted, nasty side effects. And an outbreak of the bug in highly-populated areas can lead to an infestation that can be very difficult, and costly, to clean up.

This Post Was Inspired by an Old Cat

I love cats, and have been the owner of a cat/cats for over a decade now. And while none of my cats have had that much longevity - the oldest being Zardos, the fat cat who lived to age 11 - they've mostly been amazing companions who kept me happy and sane despite, you know, life. I lived without a cat for a spell in 2007, and I honestly can't believe how I did that.

One Wednesday Evening During Rush Hour

I rode a Grabbed Uber this evening. I was on the way home from a meeting, and a commute would have taken way too much time, considering that I was coming from a city away. What can I say: nearly a decade of working from home has made me fairly resistant to the idea of traveling away from my home city, and the idea of going to the center of the neighboring city via public transportation was horrifying.

Some Blog Housekeeping

Some of you might notice that I've changed a few things in the ol' blog. The previous template was a drag to update, and since I'm no HTML wiz, I decided to do a revamp of sorts. (Some of you might know that I tend to do this once in a while, so thanks for putting up with me guys. I appreciate it.)

Liberalism and Tolerance

I used to think I was an all-out liberal.

I had all the makings of one. I was (or I wanted to be) a writer, I was all for equal rights, I was all about kindness and justice. I liked drinking, living the free life, staying up late, burning the candle from both ends. It was a free world, and people were free to live as they dreamed. After all, your dreams are what make you, and if you can't indulge in your creativity, then it's a very dull world indeed.

Nowadays, I'm not so sure. I'm still a drinker, I still write for a living. I believe in justice, but not so much in kindness. I still stay up late, and I still think that creativity is important in keeping the world a great, happy place.

While Listening to Rossini Late One Night

I'm listening to Rossini's La Gazza Ladra on Spotify. Since part of what I do for work has me sleeping at odd hours, I'm usually alone when I listen to classical music, and it's very peaceful. It doesn't make writing, updating the books, or looking through the shit-ton of files in the ageing filing cabinet any easier, but at least I'm not barking like an angry dog at every little thing.

They say that classical music enhances the intelligence, an old wives' tale that I don't really put that much stock to. I mean, science also says that heavy metal calms the nerves; I listen to heavy metal music, but it doesn't really do much to calm me down, I've discovered. So it stands to reason that it's doubtful that classical music does anything to make you more intelligent. At least to my reason, anyway.