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Ondoy Memories

I remember back when Ondoy was happening. I remember the aftermath. I know people who were affected by that natural disaster, and there’s no way that Metro Manila can take another Ondoy in 2010. The problem is, you look out in the streets, and very few things seem to be different. There’s still trash out in the streets, the Manila drainage system still sucks, and we’re still very much the hotbed of humanity that we used to be. Needless to say, the government and the people of the metro have done very few things to address the very problems that caused Ondoy to happen in the first place.The only differences?- In Manila proper, there are now waste receptacles in almost every corner. That’s saying a lot.- Whenever it rains, people tend to get paranoid. For myself, I can say that every time I look out from the back of a jeep and see puddles on the ground, I can’t help but wonder whether I should head to Nina’s house, or not.That’s pretty much it. Which leads me to say that if ever another…


I’m five blog posts short, around 25 articles worth to edit by morning. There was a power outage earlier, just around the time when Nins was supposed to interview Elaine for the practicum. This was a slow Sunday, though. The best way to end it? Find out after the jump.A couple of beers. And a dose of Testostallone.I can't believe how much I'm waiting for this film. It's even got me more excited than the Avatar movie.


If you think about it:1. I am connected to Manuel Legarda by two degrees (me >son of> mom >teacher of> Manuel).2. In the same token, I am connected to Mimi Gates (Bill’s mother, yes) via my sister (me >brother of> ate >friend of> Mimi).3. And (this blew my mind away) I am connected to Queen’s Brian May by seven degrees (me >related to> my sister / my niece >studies/ student of> St. Scholastica’s College >school of> Cory Aquino >wife of> Benigno Aquino Jr. >topic of director> Robert Markowitz >hired as musical director> Brian May).Brian May is cool. Seriously. And it’s amazing what the mind can think of when it is sleep-deprived.