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Beeeer (Among other Alcoholic Beverages)

I don't really remember when I started drinking alcohol. It was either during one family reunion way back when I was still a kid, or during a night out with the family where they made me taste wine. I remember disliking the bitterness of beer, but like coffee, it was something you eventually get used to.

I was introduced to hard drinks back in high school thanks to a friend who decided to drag me to his neighborhood buddy's weekend drinking session. This was also my first (I think) Starbucks experience.

This kid, though, has a pretty good head start.

I've reached an age, though, where I'm beginning to feel the effects of the drink on my body. Blame my year in Mindanao where I was straddled with pansies who adamantly refused to indulge in hard liquor (I love those guys with all my heart, but hell). Blame the weight I lost (hopefully, weight that I will keep lost). Or blame the theoretical deteriorating state of my liver, which I try to lighten by imbibing gratuitous amounts of water every day. Whichever it is, Bruce and I are starting to feel the need to seriously cut back in our alcohol intake.

Yes, it has to be Bruce and me. We have discovered that the alcoholism tends to drastically escalate whenever the two of us are present during the session. To the point that slapping contests are viewed as a sport rather than stupidity.

Anyway, I won't be cutting the habit out completely - beer,whisky and wine are all way too delicious to forget about. And there're health benefits to be gained from drinking alcohol in moderation, too. So the plan is - lessened intake. A small part of my head is saying that that'll never happen, but I'm choosing to ignore it right now, and focus on being optimistic. Haha!

For the beer lovers - and for other eighties / nineties Pinoy kids - here's an ad you'd probably remember.

And yes, my YouTube player color of choice is purple. Sue me.


  1. You had to upload that kid's video just to prove a point? :) I really like your player's color but I like coffee better. Haha!

  2. Woohoo! You can do it bro! XD


  3. Good for you haha. You guys should watch each other then :D Btw, that's not purple... are you drunk?

    JK lol. Goodluck with that ;)


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