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The Fat Man

The Fat Man. That's me!
Hi. My name is Martin Cruz. I'm a writer by trade, and a fictionist at heart. For those of you who aren't aware, I am the fat man. I live in Manila with an old, noisy cat named Zardos, and piles among piles of books. I read quite a bit. Some of my favorite authors include Haruki Murakami, Neil Gaiman, Don DeLillo, and Nick Joaquin.

Why Kilawinguwak?

I've been known online as Kilawinguwak for as long as I can remember, and if you've read some of the stories I’ve published offline, you may have seen that name around as well. If you've been one of the bloggers I associated with back when I was in Tabulas, then you probably know me by that name as well. The name correctly translates to “Vinegared Crow” in English, which doesn’t sound very tasty. But the original dish, kinilaw, is raw fish marinated (or cooked, some would say) in vinegar, and it is very tasty. You should try it whenever you’re in the Philippine Islands.

What I Do

I currently work as a freelance writer, under the trade name MGC Marketing, a self-owned web marketing outfit based in the Philippines. I provide article and link marketing, as well as broad spectrum Internet marketing, services for my clients. It's a work in progress, but it's happy work, for the most part. I’ve worked with plenty of clients, but some of my favorites are the following:
  • eHow, one of the biggest how-to sites in the world today
  • Mango Salute, an online magazine focusing on the art of greeting
  • Geolocal, an online lead generator for businesses targeting local audiences
  • Wikipilipinas, the free and hip Philippine encyclopedia
  • The Bit Bag, a tech and gaming website

If you would like to discuss a business proposition with me, please get in touch with me through my online contact form.

The Fat Man Today

The Fat Man Today is also a work in progress. It started out as my personal blog, and is now a space I use to post my thoughts about current events, technology, life and leisure, and work. It will also serve as the home of some of my works of fiction, as well as my essays on hacking Manila, and the modern office.

The site’s pretty simple in terms of design. The odds are that most of what you’ll be seeing per page is just one post, the ads on the sidebar, and the Disqus comments section. If you want to browse through my blog, you may do so via the archives
If you would like to get in touch with me in order to advertise in my site; to guest-post; to discuss a business proposition; or to make an inquiry, you may do so via my contact form. Don’t be scared. I’m friendly.

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