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I have these odd moments where I start thinking of the most unwieldy things. This morning, while I was taking a shower, I was pondering on the wise bodybuilder's rule of not working the same muscle out on a daily basis. I've often questioned this rule; you see farmers going about their work everyday, and while the chores vary from day to day, you can't say that they really change the muscles they work. The same goes for construction workers. But today, these two were not my examples of choice. This morning, while I was bathing, the exception (?) to the one-muscle group per day rule was something far more absurd.Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Attila the Hun's invasion of Italy:[Curtain. The lights open to Attila Dragomer, known as flagella dei, gathering his forces at the outskirts of Italy, which was then known as a part of the Roman Empire.]A: Today, we reclaim the hand of Justa Grata Honoria, and she will grace my bed and be a very good wife for my kingdom!Hu…


Item #1I was at the gym this morning, and I was wearing my swim shorts the entire time. The plan was that after a relatively light workout, I'd hit the Pan Pacific swim pool for a couple of laps - this was going to be my cardiovascular exercise for the day.Well, upon checking on the availability of showers around the pool area (it was beside the gym, so I wasn't sure if there were decent showers aside from the ones in Slimmer's World), I change shoes, grab my towel, and head on up to the pool, looking forward to a good, straightforward swim.And was utterly disappointed when I discovered that the pool was a kidney pool. The problem with a kidney pool is that the shape lends it impossible to perform decent laps. So much for decent cardio. I slung my towel back over my shoulder and slumped into the gym's lockers.Item #2I ended up discussing a single question with two friends, who had similar answers but with different outlooks. It was curious. They were both down and out …

The Proverbial Swordfish

Okay, the whole anime community is probably abuzz with the news by now. If you are an otaku who has been out of the loop, consider yourself lucky for you may have not yet heard of the horror that is:
Keanu Reeves as Spike Spiegel Nobody knows if the news is true, but Keanu is a huge fan of Cowboy Bebop, and if he uses his clout to get the part, he will get it, in the midst of an entire niche's cries of despair and anguish.Why the ruckus, you ask? The biggest reason probably lies in the fact that whilst Keanu might have the good looks and the bad-ass ability to dish out chock-fu whilst suspended in wires, the fact remains that the last role he was able to portray effectively enough remains to be Theodore "Ted" Logan. Throughout the rest of his esteemed filmography, Keanu has exhibited the acting level equal to that of a wooden plank.
Say hello, KeanuA grain of salt, though: I was talking to Siloportem earlier, a stalwart otaku who greatly respects the CB franchise and every…

That Funky Beat

Listening to Jamiroquai makes me want to break down and dance. Go to a club and start swinging. Or set up a funk / disco band and get other people dancing. Dammit. Such awesome grooves.
Love Foolosophy. Killer groove. Rawr.Jay Kay is such a blur of creative frenzy. He makes vocalisation look like an instrument, so much so that even when he isn't singing, he looks like he's doing something.
Jason Kay. The one man I'd probably turn gay pay lots of money for.
Thanks to Denise "Oi woman" Palines for pointing me to this vid. Meanwhile, I will now listen to all the Jamiroquai songs. And dream of bringing disco back to life.

Toxic Love

The title has nothing to do with my post today. It just happens to be the title of the song I'm listening to. Comes from the soundtrack of Fern Gully: the Last Rainforest, and features Tim Curry's singing prowess.I am also a fan of Tim Curry.Anyway. I haven't really had anything to blog about ever since my last post. I can feel my brain starting to atrophy (a line I've grown rather fond of, ever since I figured out that atrophy actually meant the gradual degradation of a muscle and was not a typo). There were a lot of instances that made me stop and go "Hey, this is something I can go write about," but, well, you know how it is. You finally find something worth smearing the hallowed ground of your blog with, and several hours later, it's flown away like a hanky during a storm.(Ophie Dimalanta had something to say about this in relation to writing poetry, or writing in general: If you can't remember the instance you want to write about several days aft…

To Break the Ice

Well. To be honest, I have no idea as to how I can break the ice. By ice, I mean the uncharacteristically freezing temperature Metro Manila has been experiencing the past few weeks. I'm not really complaining about the cold per se; God knows I love the weather, since the alternative would be inane humidity. I'd rather it were sweltering hot, or not at all. What I'm complaining about is the fact that the cold weather is slapping people left and right with virii that you wouldn't normally see at the end of January, for crying out loud. Me, I'm stuck with a cold and my trusty jacket. I can't sleep without bedcovers, my fan's on the lowest speed, and I have a painful mouth sore. Have had it for a week. And to add to that, my sleeping pattern's gone kaboom once again. The pasts three days, I have had a total of eleven hours of sleep. I have been woken up prematurely by FireworksPartiesWeird dreamsMy alarm clock (mobile phone) reverberating on the big-ass woo…

Making the Internet a Better Place

I'm addicted to browsers. And like everybody on Windows and with any bit of common sense, I've been using Mozilla Firefox, which is without a doubt the best browser on the face of the earth - well, on Windows - in this day and age. This is because Firefox just happens to be the most versatile open source browser there is. You can install a whole slew of personalized plug-ins and other additional widgets to improve your overall browsing experience with Firefox, and this, in my book, is nothing short of excellent.Firefox. The browser of pure sex.Enter 2008, and one of Mozilla's affiliates in the industry decides to come up with an experimental new browser for everybody to enjoy. This was Google, and this yielded the amazing Google Chrome. That browser took all the best elements from across the board and put it together with a speedier (and definitely better-looking) interface. I started calling Chrome the "cheetah" of web browsers, since system slow-downs were few …


As an attempt to get over this slump I'm going through, I will write down a couple of the resolutions I have for 2009. A week too late, I know, and I probably won't take these to heart at all, but I guess it'll be nice (and somewhat maddening) to look back to this post a year later and see just how much of a slouch you've been.Take note that this is my first new year's resolution list in twenty-five years, so be gentle.1. Budget my time more. Here are some corollaries:I need to spend more time with my family, and select friends. This is of utmost importance.My other friends deserve a little bit more of my time as well. They have been nothing short of awesome these past few months.Spend more time practicing with the bass guitar, and regularly practice with my bands.2. Work harder. I've got brilliant opportunities - I need to make the most of them.3. Work out more. I need a regular routine wherein I do my house workout every other day, and go to the gym in betwee…

Indefinite Hiatus Starts Here

No, I'm not going on a break - or at least, on a planned break. It's just that I've been staring at my monitor for the past few days, and I really haven't had anything to write about. Once again, it's as if the words refuse to come out, and writer's block is keeping me from saying anything substantial.It isn't that nothing exciting's happened. No. A lot of good (and bad) things have happened, and if you know where to look, you might stumble upon other testaments to the fact.But these days, I make a lousy scribe. What the hell.