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Showing posts from October, 2012

The Pride of the Filipinos

Two things grabbed my attention yesterday. One was Lucy Liu’s remark about being compared to a Filipino. The second was Jessica Sanchez’s stint in Glee. I wouldn’t be surprised if the two items were trending topics in Twitter for at least an afternoon.

5 Reasons Why People From the North Should Care About the Bangsamoro Framework

Today, members of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front and the Philippine government are signing the framework for the creation of an independent Bangsamoro jurisdiction in the extreme south of the country. If you’d like to know more about the whole deal, you may read more about it at the official gazette.

The Furious Muse in the Room Upstairs (part 3)

This is a story in progress. I will post it in chunks, for the next few weeks, as I complete it. A warning: this tale is definitely not for children, so parental advisory is advised. Or don’t let your kids read this. At all. Story begins after the jump.

He’s Completely Wrong

If you guys thought we were done with Robert Blaire Carabuena, think again. The last I heard of this man was when he 1) apologized to Saturnino Fabros, and 2) when he was publicly heckled, and was brought to the hospital. Now, he’s going to jail.

The Fat Cat Breaks Loose

A couple of years ago – nearly a decade ago, truth be told – my ex-girlfriend gave me a cat who looked, with the way his fur was colored, like a combination of Charlie Chaplin, Hitler, and local funnyman Katchupoy. I decided to name him Zardos, after Prince Zardoz of the Boazanian empire. In this case, he was delegated to nothing more than a funny lolcat.

Black Tuesday

I break from my schedule to remind you folks that today, the Supreme Court deliberates on the constitutionality of Republic Act No. 10175, otherwise known as the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012.

Lemons, Cowards, and Tigers

I don’t know if any of you have read this yet, but if you have the time to do so now, please read the article “RH Bill, Ateneo, and La Salle: Of Lemons and Cowards”. I’m sure many of you will find this to be a rather interesting read, for a variety of reasons.(Here’s another link, in case the one above isn’t working.)

E-Libel Law: The Saga Continues

This will be a short post, and will probably be a very opinionated one at that, so caveat emptor and all that jazz. Today is the first of October, and we have two more days to storm the Supreme Court with our prayers. There are proper avenues of complaint, and if everyone were to try to show their displeasure with the law, there’s a small chance – small, but a chance is a chance – that we can make a difference.