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A Block of Emmental

There are two articles in today’s Philippine Daily Inquirer that caught my eye. The first one came from Twitter, detailing how the Supreme Court readied themselves for a ruling on the whole Hacienda Luisita brouhaha. The second one can be found on the front page of the Inquirer, just underneath the banner headline, stating that the Maguindanao Massacre could take about 55,000 years.

Pet Peeves

Everybody has pet peeves. Not that many people realize what they are. But I have lived with my family for so long that I think my pet peeves revolve around them. And you know what they say: list down your evils, and confront them, and you are one step closer to kicking them in the face.So without further ado, here are a list of my top three pet peeves, and the reason why my entire being is shaken whenever confronted with these things:

After a Week-long Hiatus

…wherein I fought strong rains, harpy-like ladies (well, lady>), a bout with the flu, monsters from beyond the deep, and other such nonsense, I return to the world of the active Internet bearing good news.

Tomorrow’s Google might not Necessarily be Today’s Google

Normally, I post about the mundane things that happen to me during my everyday life. But not today. Mostly because my day yesterday was spent stressing out on reading and fixing copy that could make your mother cry the copy that my writers sent in. But also in part because of what's going to be happening to the blog tool that we all know and love.

I Really Hate Rain

Sorry for the lack of updates yesterday, folks. Had a bout of flu, thanks to the weather, so I decided to take yesterday off, and use the free time to recuperate. No Pakyaw Poetry for yesterday and today, either; I've got a buttload of work to catch up with, so my time isn't really mine as of now.

The Reason why Manila Rain Sucks

If there is anything more distasteful than hay fever, that would probably be rain. I like rain, generally. But the thing is, I like rain when I am indoors. I can curl up in a chair with a cup of coffee in hand, and slowly get some work done. Or I can read. If it’s raining at nighttime, and my room isn’t busy turning into a swamp, I can sleep really well. So yes. Generally, I like rain. I do not like rain when I have to run errands.

A Reckoning

As was mentioned the other day, last Friday was the day that I was born. Yesterday, meanwhile, was the day we stuffed ourselves silly with cake and lengua pastel.

Technology Angst

Just this morning, I found out that Windows Phone 7 was updating it's firmware to version Mango.
So Apple has jungle cats, Google has sweets, and Windows has...fruits.


…hello there, blog. It’s been a while. How’ve you been?

Strictly Writing

One of the things you learn when managing a team of writers is that sooner or later, you have to lay down preventive quality control measures. This is not unlike the local municipality enforcing baranggay level laws that allow public wrecking crews to tow illegally parked vehicles (that is to say, Metro Manila vehicles without stickers).

Dogworld (Workout Log 2)

It’s fun to walk. Especially when you’re dragging a dog with you. Or, in the case of labrador retrievers, being dragged. Until they poop, because technically, when a dog poops – when a BIG dog poops – your stomach turns because this is what soft serve is supposed to look like, and you’re scooping it up from the sidewalk with a plastic bag that you begged from the lady in the sari-sari store whose storefront your dog defiled.

Moral Relations

All my life, I was taught to respect the Catholic church. Living in a predominantly Roman Catholic nation, and studying with the Christian Brothers, I grew up with the ideal that God was this supreme being that you'd need special shades to be able to see, and that Jesus was a kindly superhero who helped time travelers and their hapless robots, thanks to The Flying House and Superbook.Recently, however, a spate of events have led me to reconsider, if not my faith, the elements that attribute to my faith.

Workout Log #1

I've been planning on making a daily log of what I ate and what exercise I did. I discovered that one of the obstacles to this endeavor is the fact that it's so bleepin hard to keep track of what you ate!But at any rate, we'll never know until we give it a shot, so I'm going to start with a rather non-flattering recount of yesterday.

More New Beginnings

You could be wondering what the hell it is with the constant change of web addresses. Well, I figured that I wasn't really the introspective , artsy-fartsy type when it came right down to it.So this led me to thinking that maybe the reason why I wasn't blogging so efficiently was that before, I was't really being "who I was", whatever that means. Reading back to my old posts, I figured that I wrote best as a snarky know-it-all. Plus I figured I could care less about this city or any other city. Location is a vessel, and the more I tried to read into it, the more I realized that where I was currently was no different from me being in a Volvo. Or a Dachshund. So I decided to be more blatant about my blog. I am a fat man. Therefore, the fat man cometh.Another thing is that this marks my first email post. So if this is successful - MOOHAHAHA.