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Pokemon Rules the Superbowl...Wait, What?

Today, the Chinese celebrate their New Year, and some folks will celebrate it with them. I wrote about what you can do in Manila during CNY last week, so I won't write about it today. Instead, I will greet every one of you celebrating this with a happy Kung Hei Fat Choy!

Meanwhile, the ones who aren't celebrating the new year are celebrating / commiserating about the Superbowl. A year ago, a friend from the US asked me if this was a big thing in the Philippines. While I couldn't reply properly—I didn't really follow the Superbowl, or most sports, for that matter—I know that some of my friends keep track of the NFL, so I guess it does have some sort of a presence here.

Five Ways to Celebrate the Chinese New Year In Manila

I don’t normally celebrate the second new year in the Philippines, otherwise known as the celebration of the Chinese New Year. But this year, the celebration happens to fall on the birthday of one of my nieces. I was a kid once, and realizing that your birthday is also a holiday means you get to stay home from school, and celebrate without having to offset to the closest available weekend.