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The Furious Muse in the Room Upstairs (part 2)

This is a story in progress. I will post it in chunks, for the next few weeks, as I complete it. A warning: this tale is definitely not for children, so parental advisory is advised. Or don’t let your kids read this. At all. Story begins after the jump.Note that this update was posted later than usual. My apologies for the delay!

The Way to Failure: Cybercrime Prevention Act

A bit too late to talk about the Cybercrime Prevention act, but let’s get to it. A couple of posts ago, I wrote about what the Pinoy blogger’s role in the Internet of 2012 was / is. Last week, the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 was turned into law. For those who aren’t aware, this law possesses several intrinsic positive traits, including the penalization of fraud, cybersquatting, child pornography, and other ways of trafficking illegal substances online. However, this law also criminalizes libel.

The Heart-rending Tale of a Clown

I’m breaking my supposed routine today because of a video posted by Jim Paredes over Twitter last Saturday. This is not for the weak of heart, and is not safe for work, but not because of nudity, profanity (though there are some words), or violence. It is not safe for work because of how it will affect you.Anthony Griffith is well-known in most circles as a very talented comedian. During the peak of his career—strangely enough, during the peak of “The Tonight Show” with Johnny Carson—the man lost his daughter to cancer. As he quotes from Charles Dickens’ “A Tale of Two Cities”:“It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.”This goes out to everybody I know who suffered the loss of a loved one due to cancer, to everybody who is currently fighting cancer, and to everybody helping somebody deal with cancer. You are not alone.

The Furious Muse in the Room Upstairs (part 1)

This is a story in progress. I will post it in chunks, for the next few weeks, as I complete it. A warning: this tale is definitely not for children. Story begins after the jump.

Short Fiction: Black Hole

This is my flagship story. Black Hole was published under the pseudonym Kilawinguwak in the Philippine Graphic Magazine back in the early 2000s (I forget which date, exactly). The story begins after the jump.

The Curious Case of the Slow Speedster

This happened to me a couple of weeks ago while I was on my way home one early morning. I was on a jeepney, riding through Sampaloc en route to Pandacan, via Vicente Cruz street. It was around 5AM, and everybody I was riding with was either sleepy or drunk (there’s a Padi’s Point near SM San Lazaro, the terminal of this jeepney route), and all in all, you could say that it was a very idyllic ride. But that turned out to be a mistaken assumption.

In Other News: FOI Bill Gets Junked, the World Keeps Turning

One of the biggest pieces of news that the Internet missed by a mile last week was the junking of the Freedom of Information bill. I narrowly missed finding out about it by chance, that chance being that I decided to listen to AM radio while on my morning constitutional. Erwin Tulfo and Martin Andanar, dropped that bomb whilst I was on my second lap around the Pandacan Linear Park, and I think I sorta screamed at the radio then and there. I scared away several kids, in the process. I was wearing earphones at the time.

Scheduling on the Fat Man Today

Just a couple of updates on this blog. You guys may have noticed that I’ve been changing the layout (and the RSS feed) rather frequently the past few week/s. While you may still experience that in the coming days, I think we’ve settled down on a format that I’m happy with. Also, in order to get Technorati to recognize that I own this blog, I need to post the following text: P7XDU3M5UJC7. So there, Technorati. I hope you’re happy.

Turning Manila into an Agricultural Capital

One of the most amazing things about procrastination is that your mind wanders. Back in the age of lesser technology, your mind was the sole source of imagination. Thanks to the Internet, when your mind wanders, there’s solid proof provided by the number of browser windows you have open.

The Blogger’s Role in the Pinoy Blogosphere

I think most, if not all of the readers of my website have seen exactly what kind of ass Tito Sotto has been making of himself the past few days. The unraveling of the man continues with every word that escapes from his mouth, but the sad fact remains that the true danger of recent events lies not in the deconstruction of the man with the mustache, but in what these events could mean for the evolution of the Philippine Internet.