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Seven Days

Some time ago, I had a Sting / The Police phase, and it all began witn “Seven Days”. I was trying to date this girl via long distance at the time, and the song resonated with me. Not that I had a rival who was a neanderthal, because I only know of one caveman in my life, and he deserves another post altogether.“Seven Days” was originally given to me by a friend I used to jam with back in the days. Being a drummer, he’d given me a record that featured Vinnie Colaiuta, and that more or less started my love interest in the drums, and the Sting-Colaiuta pair-up.See, the thing about Sting is that he’s such a talented man. I don’t think you often see an artist of his calibre. I’ve only ever heard another voice like his (that’s Steve Conte, fyi), and the fact that he can play the bass at varying time signatures while singing boggles my mind. I don’t know about other bass players, but singing the main vocal piece of a title while following the rhythm and the beat is difficult, and I’ve botche…


Wow. I can’t believe I finished the entire Chuck series in a month. For those of you who have yet to see even an episode of it, check it out. It is pure geek hilarity. And of course, the reason why I started watching Chuck? Adam Baldwin, a.k.a. John Casey.Seriously. Fun.

This Just In: Coffee is Useless

Oh man, somebody’s going to kill me for that post title. Anyway. I haven’t written anything in a while. Life’s busy catching up to me. Who’d have thought that 27 would be so hectic? Anyway, I am currently dressed and ready to head out to work, so I’ll keep this short: I am disappointed by The Last Airbender. M. Night, you have failed me.I haven’t gone out to see any of my close friends for a little r&r for nearly three months.Somebody I know is having a pink week. Much to her chagrin.I am drowning in (paper)work. That’s pretty much it. Let’s hope the month picks up from this point on! And just between ourselves, here’s to hoping that modern science soon develops a LEGITIMATE drug that can give coffee a run for its money. Seriously. I dropped to sleep at the office right after finishing a cup of 3 in 1. Either the sugar’s not helping me any, or I have developed an immunity to coffee. Either way, I wish there were a cheap coffee place in the area I work in. I can’t make decent black…


A huge part of my childhood was spent watching cartoons on the TV. Some of the more memorable shows include The Uncanny X-Men, Batman: The Animated Series, Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs, Voltron, and of course, The Visionaries.Who could forget the Visionaries?But I digress. One of the best parts of growing up during the 80’s and the 90’s was the fact that quality cartoons were produced during that era (some of them were even developed here in the Philippines!). I don’t know what my generation’d be like if we didn’t have the regular Friday and Saturday morning shows to look forward to. Back then, we kids didn’t have access to cable and Cartoon Network, and Nickelodeon was only a two-hour slot on (I think) RPN 9. We didn’t have the luxury of wall-to-wall cartoons, and we had to content ourselves with what we got.And, truth be told, we were generally pretty happy with what we did get. Ain’t that right, fellow 80’s kids?Nighthood’s a gem that very few Filipinos know (or remember) from…

This is what I did on the first day of 27

Spent it in bed. Sick. Watched Chuck. Will now go to a meeting in a little bit. At nearly ten pm.It’s a Friday. I should be watching my shows, with a couple of beers with me. Or playing Runes of Magic. Instead, because of this bug, I had to stay home from work. Curses!In other news, I think I may be pushing the bar on microblogging.

So. Twenty-seven.

Let’s list the things that happened on my birthday (or thereabouts):I became a bit (!) richer.We ate a 20”……pizza. With four different flavors.A new president was elected.Said new president received his first impeachment complaint.Former president lodged a campaign for charter change.Somebody died / killed herself in Shangri-la.Nina bought me a cake.