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Turkey Day!

Okay, I’m not really North American, and I still honestly don’t understand what the big thing about turkey is (I’d really much rather eat lamb), but the reason for giving thanks, I understand completely.

That Small Window of Opportunity

One of the things I dislike about walking outdoors as an exercise is that you can only do it on certain points throughout the day. If you do it too late in the morning, you’re going to get burned. If you do it too early in the afternoon, you’re going to get burned.No offense, Mr. Sun, but you’re one annoying sasquatch. This is one of the reasons I want to buy a treadmill. So that I can walk bloody indoors.Jeez. Guess I’m walking at 4PM later today.


You’d think that after a night filled with incessant, boisterously noisy singing, I’d be hard put to find something to (now, I’m not sure if you get LSS, or if you are LSS’d, so fill in that blank for yourself) with, but it happened.

If I Named this Post “Enter Post Title”, would You Guys Read It?

I envy some of my former writer friends. They have the capacity—some of them even have the time—to write continuously. Now, this may come in as a shock for most of you who’ve been following my blogging history throughout Tabulas, that short stint on Wordpress, and finally, my multiple Blogger accounts, but for the record, for the past two years, I haven’t even had the chance to sit myself down and put a decent new word on any of my short stories.