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Noynoy and his Achievements

I’m not voting, but for most of you (Pinoy) readers out there, you probably will be. So while I don’t think anybody (aside from JC de los Reyes, who probably wouldn’t win, and Mar Roxas, who decided to run for VP instead) in the presidential running deserves to get my vote, I believe that the safest candidate we have is Mr. Aquino. But he hasn’t done SHIT for our country. Has he?Goes to show what you know (and until recently, what i knew). But severalfriends of mine who advocate the yellow cause have pointed me to a blogger who has generously posted a quick list of Noynoy Aquino’s achievements during his stay in public service. Since, again, most of you people who’d like to vote for NoyMar but don’t know what it is they’ve achieved would probably appreciate this list, I’m reprinting it now. More after the jump.SENATOR BENIGNO “NOYNOY” S. AQUINO III ACCOMPLISHMENTS IN PUBLIC SERVICESenator Noynoy Aquino is vigilant in his pursuit of truth, justice and freedom, the fundamental principle…