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While Listening to Rossini Late One Night

I'm listening to Rossini's La Gazza Ladra on Spotify. Since part of what I do for work has me sleeping at odd hours, I'm usually alone when I listen to classical music, and it's very peaceful. It doesn't make writing, updating the books, or looking through the shit-ton of files in the ageing filing cabinet any easier, but at least I'm not barking like an angry dog at every little thing.

They say that classical music enhances the intelligence, an old wives' tale that I don't really put that much stock to. I mean, science also says that heavy metal calms the nerves; I listen to heavy metal music, but it doesn't really do much to calm me down, I've discovered. So it stands to reason that it's doubtful that classical music does anything to make you more intelligent. At least to my reason, anyway.

Thoughts on Books that Became Television Shows

I tried watching/reading A Song of Ice and Fire, but it never really resonated with me. And that's despite the sex and violence. I'd never really heard of GRRM before this, and even after, I'm still not even sure if it's something that's worth my time.

There'd been plenty of other examples of books successfully transitioning to the TV before this, such as Dexter, Bones, and even The Vampire Diaries (ew), but none have the massive following of Game of Thrones. And none, as far as I'm aware, have influenced other would-be producers and showrunners as much. In just a few short years, you have cable TV shows scrambling to ape GOT, with Black Sails (which ended last year, sadly), last year's much-celebrated Westworld, and this year, Starz's American Gods and Hulu's The Handmaid's Tale.