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What Happens in February 22

Today shook the very earth that we walk on for a variety of reasons. In the Philippines alone, a short list of seismic events can be procured:
Douglas McArthur was ordered out of the PhilippinesPeople Power begins Lea Salonga was born
But the most important event on this day happened not in the Philippines, but in Australia. Forty-six years ago, Steve Irwin was born.

Let us commemorate this day by carrying a crocodile and observing a moment of solemnity. Steve Irwin was a hero.

We love you Steve.

Life's Fani That Way: Menaya and Kampai are Assholes

This is going to be a pretty harsh rant against the bands called Menaya and Kampai, both of whom Mahasa (with me playing bass in lieu of Choy, who was recuperating from health problems) had the misfortune of playing with earlier this evening. I might not have all the details down pat - I may have put an extra spot swap somewhere in the story - but this is pretty much how everything happened.    The Mahasa boys have played with these two bands in the past, and while we might not have much to say about their music, there wasn't anything remotely annoying about them back in our first encounter. Heck, there's  hardly anything annoying about someone you've just met, usually. So when the Kampai bassist (I think he was the bassist) went up to me and asked me if I were from Mahasa - I think he recognized me from way back - I didn't think that there was anything up at all - even when he pulled up a chair. I thought that maybe hey, he just wanted to sit and chat, have a drink. H…

The Fool on the Narcissus

I know the Mezzanine still looks like unholy crap, but bear with it. I'll get it fixed sooner or later, I promise. Meanwhile, there's something that I've been meaning to put down in writing, but haven't had the drive to do so.

In the neighborhood where I live in, there used to be this old woman who was a lawyer. Her name was (to the best of my knowledge) Attorney Cuevas, and while she wasn't anything special as far as lawyers go, having one living within spitting distance of your roosting place is, in a way, kinda awesome. I've nothing but the utmost respect for lawyers - even the corrupt ones, because you'd have to be hella smart to drain the financial resources of people (yes, I condemn the act of corruption, in case you're wondering, I just find the mental faculties of successfully corrupt people interesting). As a lawyer, you can defend yourself in court. You could ask for things like in-depth investigations and witness protection programs. Sometimes…

Site Optimization Commencing

For Blogger, Multiply and Tabulas (although Multiply's site redo will mostly be aesthetic). I guess you could say I got sick of relying on premade templates that work well for the first four months, but start to suck soon afterwards. Also, there are benefits of a website that's constantly in flux.

This also restarts my attempt to unify the theme of the Zeppelin. The main blog, or the bridge where the captain spends most of his time can be found in Tabulas, while this mezzanine serves to entertain various guests. I have yet to change the Multiply site's Flying Teapot into something that can work in the schema of the Zeppelin, though, and the Engine Room was pulled out from my hands when I left Stickymedia Solutions. so I'll have to come up with another tech blog sooner or later - maybe using the Wordpress CMS, just to keep things interesting.

For now, pardon whatever damage you see on any of the three sites. I think I'm learning enough div-and-CSS handling thanks to D…