Sunday, October 07, 2007

Let's Get Ready to . . . . Fumble?

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Now, if I were a person of some clout, and was given the chance to print the headlines for either the People's Journal, Pilipino Star, or any of the somewhat respectable tabloids circulating in Metro Manila, it'd probably go something like this:

Barrera Pinakyaw ni Pacman!

(for the bisaya readers, pakyaw in tagalog means to finish greedily, often used as a term of ridicule).

Because really. That was what happened in the Pacquiao - Barrera fight held at Mandalay Bay. Barrera could have been a stuffed and weighted dummy that just kept coming back for more and more punishment, and we wouldn't have been able to tell the difference.

Oh wait, there was that one illegal punch. Yeah, no dummy would have been able to pull off something like that. Or the cut cheek. Or that trip of his during the twelfth round.

In any case, Pacquiao was just laying on the punishment like a cheeseburger grinding machine on Extra Joss. If Barrera wasn't so busy defending himself, Pacquiao would have knocked him out by the sixth round. I'm not kidding.

For what could possibly be Barrera's retirement fight, and as Quinito Henson said during the GMA 7 telecast, that was one hell of a way to go for someone like the Babyfaced Assassin. I mean, the guy technically has a place in the WBO Hall of Fame reserved for when he finally puts down the gloves! And what does he do in his last fight? He throws a maximum of a hundred or so punches, and even gets himself penalized in the full view of the overhead camera. Some Hall of Famer.

I have to say this, though. The Pacman was pretty much out of it himself. His first five rounds were crappy, spent trying to figure out how he could out-step Barrera, who at first looked like he knew what he was doing, keeping away from Pacquiao's reach. This kept the Pacman from hitting him squarely, save for a few punches here and there. But then, Barrera just had to play so defensively that his routine became predictable to a fault, and from the sixth round onwards, Pacquiao was owning his ass so bad, it was painful.

But considering how Pacquiao's past fights were, I kinda expected a bit more flourish from him. Sure, he looked like he didn't break a sweat by the end of the fight. Sure his right jabs were impressive. But dude! He could rain more terror with his left arm in one round than the paltry square hits on the face he did with his right throughout the fight.

And then good ole' Vice President Noli De Castro just had to be on hand at the end of the fight during Pacquiao's interview. Sheesh.

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