Sunday, October 28, 2007

Gin-Bulag: The Enemy of Thine Enemy

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Ohohoholy shit I am not doing gin-bulag ever again. The subsequent bouts of wastedness is just too awesome for me to handle. As of this writing, I am laughing at the fact that I apparently tried to enter the word "DAMMit" as the username for my Gmail account. That fact alone is hilarious.

However, last night was pretty fruitful. Gabby and I managed to flesh out ideas for the entire webcomic; now, I just have to write the bloody script and finish the bloody storyboard.

BTW John, yes, I am also working on the scripts for "Continuum." I expect a lot from you, so brush up on your art, foo.

To the people I sent randomly strange messages to last night, I apology. Really. I didn't know hell of what I was doing. :D


  1. /Me shakes off meta-rust and dons on his Vandenhecke-Bringedal self.

    Okee voss. Da.

    Must not... forget.... I.... am... a digital.... artist.... feet.... stuck... to.... sticky floor....

    Pun intended. >)__)

  2. You kinda sounded like Jar-Jar Binks there hahaha!