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The Furious Muse in the Room Upstairs (part 2)

This is a story in progress. I will post it in chunks, for the next few weeks, as I complete it. A warning: this tale is definitely not for children, so parental advisory is advised. Or don’t let your kids read this. At all. Story begins after the jump.

Note that this update was posted later than usual. My apologies for the delay!

The Furious Muse in the Room Upstairs

By SDiRam, with an afterword by Kilawinguwak

Part 2 

SEE, a few years back, when he was a no-luck writer living on a meager salary writing plagiarized school papers on, SDiRam, who was living in rather cramped quarters along Lardizabal street in Manila, was visited by three very beautiful ladies who were wearing American-styled nightgowns in the middle of the day. The landlord let them in with a snicker and a wry smile, probably thinking that these three were whores who’d been rented by the weird little dude from upstairs.

But if they were whores, SDiRam hadn’t rented them at all. He was streaming porn on his computer, jerking off to Jordan Capri slowly rubbing herself with baby oil when the three burst into his room, cornering him around his small table. You can just imagine how flustered he must have been, turgid penis in hand, surrounded by three ladies of diwata-level beauty, Jordan Capri dancing on the screen. He did the only thing he could.


jordan capri


He ejaculated. SDiRam tried to hide the fact that he was spewing hot sperm by covering the tip of his penis with his hand and cupping all the sperm, to be wiped on the absent piece of toilet paper that was just a little bit out of reach since it was behind the woman to his right, and to reach the roll, he would have to go through the woman’s legs, and that meant smelling the scent from her thighs and so on.

“Whoremama,” he cursed.

He contemplated on just how long it would take him to reach out and grab the toilet paper. The nightgown was a sheer lavender, sexy and stylish but very, very distracting. If his girlfriend at the time had a nightgown of the same material, he’d tell her to keep it on while they made love late at night, and he’d lick her straight through it and the pure sensation of feeling her beneath the fabric would be enough to make him ejaculate prematurely.

Just like now, he reasoned. He would have lasted the entire length of the porn he was watching if only he was left to watch it in peace, but being surrounded by three beautiful women in sexy negligees was pretty intimidating, and more than a little bit electric. Yes, it was definitely electric, no matter how out-of-date that word was. Hell, he’ll need three sets of Durex ultra-thins to tap that.

But what was he thinking at a time like this. SDiRam remembered that his hand was dripping ejaculate, and he was practically naked (so were they) and his decency required him to try and take hold of whatever dignity he had left. “Hey, uh. Could you hand over that roll of toilet paper?” he asked.

“Seymour Duncan Idaho Ramones,” said the sexy one in the lavender nightdress. Her voice was strong and proud; Viking princess was what SDiRam thought instinctively, and it frightened him that a woman with such a commanding presence was here at his room, right now, just as he was finishing with his, uh, business. His once-turgid penis now hung limply in his hand, amid a soup of sperm that was quickly turning clear from the sickly white it was just a few minutes ago. “We are your muses. We are gathered here today because of an emergency of the highest order.”

“What emergency are you talking about?” was what he wanted to say, but SDiRam wasn’t thinking straight, since all he wanted to do was to reach out to the toilet paper and wipe his sticky genetic material on it, if only to save a little face. He decided to make a go for it while the Viking princess was talking, and half-leapt, half-stumbled, through the lady’s legs in a grab for his redemption. Paper in hand, he wiped off the genetic soup from his hands and pants, and pulled up his trousers. “Now,” he said, breathing a little heavily from the workout, “who are you ladies, and how may I help you?”


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