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Scheduling on the Fat Man Today

Just a couple of updates on this blog. You guys may have noticed that I’ve been changing the layout (and the RSS feed) rather frequently the past few week/s. While you may still experience that in the coming days, I think we’ve settled down on a format that I’m happy with.
Also, in order to get Technorati to recognize that I own this blog, I need to post the following text: P7XDU3M5UJC7. So there, Technorati. I hope you’re happy.
Like I mentioned a couple of posts ago, I will be lessening the political talk on this blog for several reasons.
  • It’s a lot easier to write when you don’t have to restrict yourself to a very small niche. The way a lot of “experts” have sprouted like maggots on month-old trash all over the Internet is deplorable. Where’s the actual, factual information when you need it?
  • I get to research less on current events, and research more about things that actually matter. Like info for my stories. Don’t get me wrong, I get my current events fix from Twitter and Facebook, and that’s all good. But sometimes I like to go deep into the anarchic underbelly of the worldwide web and see what the lurkers have to offer.
  • Seriously, isn’t all this politalk tiring? I’m sick of hearing about Tito Sotto, for example. Can we just not vote for him the next elections, and get it over with?
  • It makes the posts all the more poignant. With everything that happens every day in the Philippines, I’d go nuts if I reported on each and every one of them (not that I’ve tried, which just goes to show how lazy I am). Even reporters have beats. By limiting what I write about, I get to focus on the one event that catches my eye.
steampunk laptop
If I had a laptop like this, though, that'd be an incentive to write more often.
So what else will I write about? Well, there are certain topics that have been swimming around in my head these past few weeks, and I think I also have some content in the back burner that I can publish here instead. What I intend to do is to post these every Wednesday. That way, Hump Day will always be “me” time on this blog, so to speak. Blog announcements should also go here (or visit the link for announcements, if you’d like to read the whole list of announcements).
Mondays, on the other hand, will be where I post my thoughts on current events. All the politics, all the geekery and tech news, and my thoughts, will always be posted on Mondays.
On Friday, I will try—try!—to post more of my fiction. Now, I don’t think I can write short stories that fast (otherwise I’d have published a book by now) but a weekly deadline at least of a vignette might be just the push I need to get more of my stuff out. Now, note that these will probably be mostly rough posts, so don’t expect anything as magical as what the folks at Philippine Genre Stories have. But I will try my best.
As always, this blog updates every M-W-F, at around twelve noon, Philippine Standard Time (that’s GMT + 8 if you’re outside the Philippines). And with that, I leave you until next week, folks.


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