Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Pride of the Filipinos

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Two things grabbed my attention yesterday. One was Lucy Liu’s remark about being compared to a Filipino. The second was Jessica Sanchez’s stint in Glee. I wouldn’t be surprised if the two items were trending topics in Twitter for at least an afternoon.

But here’s the thing: I DON’T FREAKING CARE.


lucy liu Chinese, Filipina, who the hell cares?


I walk out of my house, and there’s a traffic jam caused by jeepneys because the baranggay captain in our town continuously rents out the street that is the usual jeepney route, leading to a massive rerouting effort. Note that the street is big enough for two cars, at most.

Along the street, there are Pinoys double parked. These guys have cars, but they don’t have garages. They park in front of other peoples’ houses, blocking the doorway, blocking the driveway.

There’s this old man who walks from Pureza to the gates of Malacañan park. This old man looks like a poster boy for bag ladies and beggars everywhere. He wears a tattered black shirt and rolled up trousers that look like they’re part of the sack he’s carrying. You see him sleeping on the sidewalk across the gates of the park at noon, and he’s resting at the foot of Nagtahan bridge in the morning. He’s been on that beat for nearly two decades.

Last week, my girlfriend was in the mall with her niece. Just as she was about to buy something to bring home to her nephew, a beggar approached her and tried to ask for money. When she kindly told them that begging was not allowed inside the mall, the child retorted that at least they weren’t stealing. This was inside an SM mall.

In the government, they’re delaying the progression of the freedom of information bill just because midterm elections are around the corner. Among the politicos, they see nothing wrong with this, as it serves a unified cause of anonymity at a time when everything that matters is what the public perceives at face value.

We have all of these problems and you have time to putter about with righteous indignation over something an actress said in passing? Weren’t we the same people who would say that the Chinese drooled, that the Moslems kidnapped children and sold their blood?

Need we be reminded that Charisse Pempengco also guest-starred in Glee, and aside from a silly one-on-one with Lea Michelle for one episode, she was hardly anything worth noting?

Like Loud de Veyra says, andaming nagugutom sa mundo, fashionista ka pa rin?

Dude, I’m not proud of that. Let me tell you what I’m proud about.

I’m proud that we beat down a law that could have destroyed the freedom of speech in our country.

I’m proud that we decided to take a step forward and try to make peace in the midst of civil war.

I’m proud that despite the world economy being what it is, we’re one of the more sustainable countries in the world.

And I’m proud that I know people who don’t let themselves get caught up in the hype of every racial slur that accidentally slips out of a celebrity’s mouth.

How about this: every time you read something in the news, before you react to it, you stop. Think. And understand. Before you say something about it.

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