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The Real Train Wreck Here Isn’t the Car

People appall me sometimes. It’s surprising how self-absorbed some folks can be without realizing it. Like last week, there was this news item about a pick-up truck that had been dragged by one of the PNR trains. The driver was safe, thankfully, but his pick-up was demolished.

The first thing people had to say when GMA news posted its full story on Twitter, however, was sobering:

pnr train wreck

Sorry for the quality. I suck with GIMP / Photoshop.

This was probably within thirty minutes after the news item was posted. One retweet, one favorite. And the responses were asking if the item was newsworthy, or if the traffic in the area was back to normal.

Yeah, the driver of the car was okay, people. Thanks. His car’s a wreck, though. If that were your kid, or your brother, would you care if the traffic was back to normal? Does it matter whether what happened to your bro was newsworthy or not?

Where’s your empathy, people? Are you really just stone-cold selfish beings living just for your own selves?


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