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I Need a Break

And by a break, I mean that I need to blog. It’s twelve midnight, I’m several articles away, and I’m listening to LapidFire in DWIZ. The issue’s still about the con-ass and Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s plans of extending her tenure of power in a Marcos-like manner, except that her method is far sneakier, which leads me to say that she is one sneaky bitch, if you’ll pardon my French. I’m drowning in work, though, so let’s take a break from the amateur political commentary of this blog for something totally different after the jump.

Yes, that's the Dune-themed techno mix by Fatboy Slim called Weapon of Choice, a classic in its own right. And Christopher Walken burning up the rug - I am inclined to believe that he performed all of the stunts in this video. The man is a hero. One does not simply Walken to Mordor - one does the shuffle.

It’s funny though. This song is rather timely, because you need to realize that if there are only two things, two weapons of choice, that we could all use today,it would be the Bene Gesserit Voice and the Bene Gesserit Litany against fear.


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