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We are a Country of Ultranationalists Brimming with Righteous Indignation (1)

I was listening to the radio this morning, and these disk jockeys from DWRT were going through their usual morning yakkety yak. You know. Stuff you usually don’t listen to, stuff that becomes white noise. But when they started talking about the Hayden Kho stuff, it took all of my self-control to keep myself from tossing my laptop out of the window (yes, I was streaming from the ‘net).

You know how it is – the reason people listen to the radio en route to work is to serve as background music. Sooner or later, you just let it stream through your senses. Just like the Hayden Kho scandal(s). The entire thing is just really absurd, and Nina pointed out that the only reason the press is cashing in on this is because unlike previous sex scandals, this involved a rather upstanding member of Philippine society.

What I can’t get enough of, though, is the way everybody is handling the entire situation. The media’s trying to be as invasive as possible to get the “truth” out. En route to the studio yesterday, this reporter was trying to milk Kho’s lawyer for her take on her client’s case. Now this is just me talking, but that’s very unprofessional of the interviewer – it’s like baiting the lawyer to say something that can be used against her client.

I can’t say that Senator Bong Revilla’s helping the situation any, either. I don’t know what it is that’s been eating this guy’s shorts, but he’s been flinging uncalled-for proposals left and right. First there’s that Alec Baldwin affair that got the actor banned from the Philippines. Now he wants Kho to turn in his medical license just because he had sex? Then we’re better off revoking the licenses of most of our medical professionals. And how about our government officials? Are they getting any? Off with their positions! We live in a largely Catholic country, and anybody who has sex without marriage is a bad influence to the rest of the population.

The most absurd reaction I’ve heard to date comes from Katrina Halili herself. It isn’t enough that Hayden Kho’s apologized – she wants more. Just what more is, I have no idea. The hilarious part here is that Katrina Halili is the Filipino equivalent of a soft-core porn star – a sexy actress, so to speak. What you saw (or didn’t see) in the video of the sex scandal with Kho is pretty much run-of-the-mill with her films. What’s she got to complain about? The fact that she didn’t make a single centavo from this video? Seriously.

I don’t understand why Pinoys are so adamant about making a definite stand about issues popping up left and right. I get that there’s something about standing up for what you believe in, but there is something to be said about moderation and deep thought. I love my country, but sometimes the absurdity of its residents and leaders can be a bit too stupid.

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