Thursday, April 07, 2016

Writing about No Man’s Sky is Making Me Want to Buy a New Computer

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No Man's Sky
One of the things that I’ve been doing for work is generally writing posts about this indie game that’s been in development since the year 2011 called No Man’s Sky. And let me tell you guys: this game is going a long way towards making me consider upgrading to a new laptop.
The game’s developers, Hello Games, is calling No Man’s Sky an exploration game. And it makes sense; the game has an absurd amount of planets to explore. And it’s safe to say that no two planets are alike; the game uses an engine that randomly generates the details about each planet when you head there.
So think of it as an open-world sandbox that’s around a thousand times bigger than, say, GTA 5.

But if the concept of exploring isn’t enough to intrigue you, then maybe the survivalist aspect will. You are equipped with tools that are designer to help you survive in the harshest of environments, but it’s a big universe, and you aren’t alone.
There are creatures called Sentinels out to prevent you from completing your ultimate goal of making it to the center of the universe. Although it hasn’t been revealed whether they will actively foil your every attempt or not, the creators have said that these Sentinels will be there to police your actions.
And then there are the other aliens you need to deal with. In some of the planets you will encounter, you will come across an alien civilization that can either be a big help in your travels, or be the death of you. It all depends on how you communicate with them. The game made that part of the fun by making the alien languages alien to begin with. So you’ll have to spend some time trying to learn the alien tongue, lest you insult them without meaning to.
Looking at some of the videos of the game, it’s fairly easy to say that No Man’s Sky will easily tax some of the middle tier PCs. So if you’re looking forward to playing this game—as I am—then it might be wise to consider checking if your rig is up to par with the system requirements. If you own a Playstation 4, however, life is good.

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