Friday, April 15, 2016

This Guy Survived on No Money, and I Can't Even

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Daniel Suelo
Sometimes, I wonder about possessions. I tested an experiment on my site the other week (in case some of you may not have noticed), and I'd like to say that it was fairly successful. But the fact remains that the whole point of that experiment was about making even more money.

Which, while cool, can be a little bit disheartening too. I mean, here we are, once again, talking about money. I’m writing about technology day in and day out, keeping track of trends and looking out for the latest news to see if there isn’t something I can’t catch that can boost my site’s popularity even by just a little bit.
And then there’s this guy. Daniel Suelo, the man who absolutely quit money, and has been living money-free for twelve years. I’m enthralled, humbled, in awe of the man. Forget living off the grid, forget living on completely renewable resources. This guy’s achieved the ultimate dream: live without need, live without regret, and live with almost nothing.
Granted, he eats roadkill, which is kinda gross. But there’s a certain Zen to his way of life that I know I can never achieve. He’s living the life, man. He’s out there, winging everything day in and day out.
And he’s done it for twelve years. Jesus Christ. I can’t even live without at least—AT LEAST—a hundred pesos on any given day.
There’s this man who lives without money. Meanwhile, here I am, hunched over my blog. If this doesn’t put things into perspective, then I don’t know what will.

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