Wednesday, February 12, 2014

On Tado

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It’s been a while since I drank more than three bottles of Red Horse. This changed when I met up with my friends last weekend. I wasn’t intending on drinking more than my usual at the time, but then I read on the news about Tado’s passing. I decided that I was going to drink to his memory (and to the memory of those who perished with him).


Shet pogi. Mamimiss kita meyn. From the Brewrats blog.

The night before his bus crashed, I remember I had this strange compulsion to watch an episode of Strangebrew. You can see the episode – “Inidoro Factory” – below after the jump.

Today, if I’m not mistaken, is the day of his cremation. I’m still at a loss for words. Which is weird, since I don’t think you can call me a big, big fan of the man; I didn’t follow his more publicized work after Stranbegrew was cancelled, and I didn’t like the fact that he was in the show of Willie Revillame, whom I despise. But I did like the fact that, despite his celebrity, Tado didn’t let his fame get to him; in fact, I don’t think he celebrated his fame at all.

Instead, I now hear news about his work as an activist, a humanitarian. I’ve read stories his actual friends in the industry had to say about him. And you know what? The way he lived his life doesn’t seem that much different from the way he acted in Strangebrew, albeit in the show, he was the master, and Erning—the beautiful and talented Angel Rivero—was the driver.

And that’s how Tado – Arvin Jimenez – will always be emblazoned in my mind. Not as that scene-stealing pedicab driver from Silip, or as part of Willie Revillame’s stage crew. Strangebrew’s Tado was the real-life Tado, and that’s what I celebrate. I watch clips from that show regularly from time to time, and the comedy is still fresh, the questions still bizarre, the acting still natural and quirky. I couldn’t have asked more for a successor to GMA 7’s Ating Alamin.

Godspeed man. You made my college years strange, and ultimately, happier. And always remember kids: the secret to success, according to Tado, are: Perseverance, Study Hard, and Good Sleeping Habits. TAMA!

Always wash your hands before and after you eat, drink, and sleep. Wow.

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