Monday, February 17, 2014


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It's a busy morning, so I'm writing this from my mobile phone. Bear with me, folks.

Just some talking points on the so-called "trafficgeddon" that's poised to sweep over the metropolis starting today:

1. Why are they undertaking projects of this magnitude all at the same time? Why couldn't they have started on some of them - perhaps the ones that have been in the drawing board for some time now - a few years back? What's so special about 2014?

2. To that point, just how efficient is their implementation plan, for both the execution of all the projects, and the contingency plans? I don't think I speak for myself when I say that I have plenty of doubts for the local governments to efficiently deal with the amount of traffic that will be rerouted. I mean, that's what all the highways they're improving are for, right?

3. They're improving both the LRT and the MRT, but what of the PNR? I've been taking the old at-grade railroads a bit frequently for some time now, and I can say with finality that the only problems with that train are accessibility, number of trains, and the equipment. I don't think the government is utilising this line enough, and that's quite sad, given it's potential.

4. Why are they overdeveloping Manila? Given the amount of resources they're spending on all these PPP road projects, you'd think they'd have plenty to improve the economy of other non-Manila cities. Cavite, or Laguna, for example. The problem with Manila isn't that the traffic is terrible - well, it isn't the MAIN problem - but that everybody's going into the metro. What's wrong with developing other cities so that the population shifts from Manila to elsewhere?

5. What is the government's plan to counteract the pollution all of these new roads are going to bring? An elevated skyway passing through the very heart of the capital? A new highway connecting both north and south expressways? Another interchange? Moar cars, moar traffic, moar pollution. What're they gonna do about it?

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