Monday, November 18, 2013

Photoshop from the Blue Ribbon Committee

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Okay, so last week was devoted to Typhoon Haiyan and its aftermath. I guess it’s time to go back to your regularly scheduled programming this week. But still try to help out.

The first order of business though: POLITICS!

Oh man, the crowded nook of the Internet that is filled with Pinoys is sure to be buzzing from the cringe-worthy Blue Ribbon Committee hearing of Janet Lim-Napoles from two weeks ago. You can probably watch the whole thing somewhere on the Internet. Spoiler alert: Napoles doesn’t know jack.

And now, on to the shopped images!

The best one I’ve seen was this:

Ace AttorneyMD

Because really. Taken from Facebook


That really made me laugh pretty loud. She’s such a lovable, effective battle axe. And that last photo of hers makes her look just like the Success Kid. God bless you, and your antics, MDS.

Next up is this groan-worthy little gem, also from Facebook:


Because it's a play on Thor: The Dark World's movie poster. Get it? Get it? Argh. Taken from a friend's page.

So. By most accounts, the actual god of plunder is supposedly Manong Johnny, but I guess he’s the only one there old enough to play Odin, so there he is with the eye patch. My only problem with this picture is that Jinggoy looks way too good here.

And finally, there’s this photoshopped picture that could very well be used as an ad…but would probably get the manufacturer sued for defamation and libel. Note that THIS IS NOT AN ACTUAL AD, and is only meant purely for entertainment:

memo plus gold

Yeah. Seriously, folks. Not an ad. Taken from here.

Uh. So much for ending on a strong note. This still got a chuckle from me, but in retrospect…yeah. Pretty droll. Moving on.


Oh wait! There is one more picture to put up:

battle ax

That links to my Facebook page, bitchez. I REGRET NOTHING.

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