Tuesday, June 09, 2009

A Turnover!

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I promise, this will be the last Hayden Kho-related post I will be making. This was prompted more by this query of a friend of mine regarding what my stand was on the proposed Internet regulation bill.

Well honestly, right now it doesn’t seem to matter. DWIZ’s Bantay Bayan program was right; the way this government runs is absurd to the extreme. First there was all that hullabaloo about Hayden Kho, Internet pornography, and Bong Revilla being a douche. Then overnight – literally – there’s a big turnover of focus when Congress decides to approve a constitutional assembly without any warning whatsoever.

Everybody wants to be the star of their own little show here. It’s disgusting.

Honestly speaking, I see no feasible way of initiating a constitutional assembly before the elections take place next year, but just like with every big issue in the government, this thing is still making waves up to this day – and for good reason. The topic is timely – the country needs constitutional change. It might not remove corruption in the government completely, but it’ll shake things up enough to make red tape work against the government for a change.

But again, changing the constitution now? With GMA still at the helm? Please, spare us. The way I see it, Senate will hedge congress in every step of the way, and if GMA is true to her word, elections will take place as it should next year. The troublesome bit here is that why did this issue suddenly pop up? And the rumour that GMA pushed for it? What the hell?

I have but one explanation for all of this: a wizard did it. I'd much rather focus on the 2009 NBA Finals. The Lakers're leading by two games, but this time, Magic's got the homecourt advantage. And to think I don't even like basketball that much.

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