Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Signs of the Times

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There is an orange on my desk.
It is waiting for lunchtime.

For want of a real post - since the past few days have technically been unbloggable, but not due to the lack of developments in my personal and social life - I will now post a couple of photos I took with my crap camera phone.

A couple of days ago, this was how our living room looked like. My sister was fixing up an office for one of her clients, and she had to order a whole bunch of office chairs in the process. Since she didn't really have any place to store them in, the entire lot - around twenty or so chairs - were dumped in our living room in the meantime.

The temptation to use one of them was rather great, and only the plastic covering the plush seats kept me from delivering weighty justice. My nephew and niece, however, weren't as easily dissuaded, and clambered through the aptly named "forest of chairs" as if the durned things were theirs.

This photo is a winner, except for the obviously bad quality. I had to take this baby on the fly whilst riding a jeep from De La Rosa to PRC. It's actually a shoe repair shop, but for some reason, the brilliant designer of the logo decided that the S in shoe should be replaced by a circle with a shoe inside - which doesn't resemble an S at all.

Thus you end up with a sign that says "Hoe Care." Which is just so hilarious in so many levels.

That's all for now. Let me end this post with a photograph of Zardos, my juggernaut of a cat:

he has fathered around seven children, most of which came from his own children, and shows no sign of growing weary. To the left is my leg, for size comparison.


  1. That's not a cat.

    That's a monstrous killing machine.


  2. yeah, he is. hehe. or at least, he would be if he didn't sleep so much.