Thursday, December 06, 2007

Save the Flying Congressman, Save the World

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Title is taken from
Adrian Arcega's status message
this morning.
And I totally agree with him.

I didn't really like how the second season of Heroes spiraled out into its almost anti-climactic end; there were way too many plot holes, and some of the newer characters were just way too lame. Take the wonder Twins, for example; they were a horrible addition, although granted, their purpose as a device to bring Sylar back into the U.S. was pretty sound, but plot-wise, Maya and her brother could very well have been nothing more than bystanders who just happened to be a minority.

I mean, they had to replace Mendez with another chicano. Status quo and all.

The Takezo Kensei / Adam Monroe character was made of pure win, though; and now, both the heroes and the villains have an indestructible force - season three should be phenomenal, if you're going to have Peter and Claire on one side, Sylar and Kensei on the other. All Hiro has to do is teach Claire battojutsu, and they're all set.

Speaking of Hiro - seeing as he's the only other major character with the most unique abilities (Peter-Sylar, Matt-Maury, Claire-Monroe, Nathan-Claire's flying boyfriend), and he technically has the power to change anything and everything, but is way too much of a samurai to do anything about it - he could become something like a Watcher figure, akin to the eponymous characters in both the Highlander and the Marvel universes. I can't imagine him otherwise, since the only other character (so far) with the abilities to keep up with him is Peter, and that guy has a lot more to worry about than electrocuting somebody who can bend time and space. Like keeping Nathan alive.

Which leads me to the subject of this post: if you've seen the finale of Heroes: Generations, then you'll know what the title is all about. Nathan Petrelli is an all-American hero, reminiscent of Duke from G.I. Joe, or Colonel Sanders when he slapped a lawsuit on the asses of the people who bought - and eventually mismanaged - Kentucky Fried Chicken. He's the only one who can keep up with Lyle or Kyle (I really forget his name), he's the redeeming factor of the Petrelli family, and is the only one capable of preventing his supercharged brother from being a total dork and pansy.

So have a heart. Save the flying congressman, save the world.

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