Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A Merry Christmas to All

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It's amazing. Christmas always has that really amazing vibe (Anna D. calls it that citrusy, zesty smell in the air) that somehow makes sure things all end well in the end.

Exhibit A: my friend, Pao. Read his recent LJ / Multiply to find out why.

Exhibit B: me.

The past few week(s?), I've been more or less sick and unable to do anything short of filter feed and breathe. Things worsened last week when my throat decided to squeeze itself close to shut, so much so that the very act of swallowing water was torture. I spent the better part of the week fast asleep, shut away from the rest of civilization, eating the occasional bowl of arroz caldo. Due to this, I wasn't able to join the Christmas shopping crush during the last week before Christmas Eve, up until the 24th itself - which was, in a hilarious act of God, when I did and completed my Christmas shopping for the insular family.

Seriously. I went to Robinson's Place on Christmas Eve to get a check-up (didn't make it, Healthway was closing up shop for the day), and to shop.

Let it be known that when I shop, I don't go about it like the rest of the world; I don't rush from store to store, looking for what to buy. Instead, I amble along, like the good, spongiform lifeform I am, looking at odd knick-knacks and trinkets.

I managed to get my dad a "World's Greatest Dad" Kraft-Art Kalendar, my mom a Kraft notebook (which I hope to dear God she'll actually use), the kids a board game each, the brother a pair of Koss headphones, and an Idiot's Guide for the brother-in-law (he loves things like those).

For the sisters, I'm burning discs. Because really, the only things those two harridans want from me can be found contained within my laptop. Hehehe~

Anyway, a Merry Christmas to everybody. Off to see my bro make a fool of himself to his multitudinous godkids (kidding bro! hehe).

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