Saturday, December 22, 2007

Aria Di Mezzo Carattere

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It sucks entering the holidays when you're as sick as a rhinoceros with dysentery (resurgence of the word courtesy of Jon).

Just to clarify - I do not have dysentery. What I do have, however, is a bad case of engorged, pulsating (albeit pus-free so far) tonsils, that have been messing with my body both physically and mentally. Physically, because I haven't been able to work out at all since the damn thing hit me, not to mention the confabulous headaches and fevers I've been having. The word confabulous is taken from Bruce's stint with desktop widgets with the same name; the name sounds very condescending in a grand way, and should be used as sarcasm.

So I command it, so shall it be.

Anyway. Mentally, because the fevers have been giving me the most amazing dreams that are mixing my days back in high school with my days in Cagayan de Oro and marketing. Just now, before I woke up, I was discussing purchasing planning with a bunch of long-forgotten friends from LSGH in a guitar shop that can be found in Limketkai mall.

Hork. Delusional dreams, some?

Anyway, since I can't really stand looking at the screen anymore - due to the headache the radiation is inspiring - here's an awesome find. These videos, despite the bad qualities of some of the photos in the slide show, brought tears to my eyes and good memories to the surface. This is the English operatic rendition of The Dream Oath: Maria and Draco, which is the opera that can be found in Final Fantasy VI - arguably one of the finest elements of that dear, dear role-player that gives it an infinite edge over any of the later games from the franchise. Take note that this edition features the complete opera, and not the edition wherein Ultros and Locke Cole take over the stage, thus the story of Maria and Draco's love is actually presented in full.

The name of the entire musical segment is Aria Di Mezzo Carattere, a masterpiece unlike any other, and was composed by the great Nobuo Uematsu. Stephanie Wooding provides the mezzo-soprano voice for Maria (although an alto would have sounded better). Chad Berlinghieri is the tenor voice of Draco, while Todd Robinson is the baritone Prince Ralse.

The music is provided by the World Festival Symphony Orchestra, with conductor Arnie Roth.

Part One

Part Two

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