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The Fat Man VS. Sky Broadband: Sky Broadband Sucks

sky broadband sucks
I was supposed to post about Digong Duterte today, but I’ve been plagued by terrible customer service from Sky Broadband for several weeks now that I think it’s worth demonizing them a bit in my little soapbox here at the corner of the internet.
So. I am currently subscribed to Sky Broadband, which is by all accounts a fairly decent internet provider. For several months, since I first subscribed (I think that was last December 2015), I’ve had a few hiccups here and there, but it was never something that a quick text to their 23662 hotline couldn’t fix. And I appreciated that very much.

But then around two weeks ago, Sky did some service upgrades in this area. I live in Pandacan, FYI. After the service upgrade, the signal I’ve been receiving from Sky was terrible, at best. Internet would go down for an entire day, and would continue to do so every other day after that. It was horrible considering that I work from home, and relied on a steady internet provider.
Now I would have been somewhat miffed with this downtime, but not outright pissed with it. But when you mix a poorly-performing product with piss-poor customer service, then I’m going to be pretty pissed off.
It all started when I requested for a CSR to return my call. Sky has this feature that lets you request for a callback via text. The feature comes with a disclaimer that the service provider will call you back within two hours of receipt of your request. That’s a pretty lengthy waiting time, but it was acceptable, in my opinion.
But then, at around the time my internet started mucking about, so did their customer service. I would request for a callback, but wouldn’t even get one after the two-hour allowance. After the two-hour window passed, I would again request for a callback, in the hopes that a repeated request would finally get me noticed by their CSR team. No dice.
So I resorted to messaging them via Twitter DMs with their account. This was even more stressful, since they usually responded to my messages after what, seven hours of waiting time? I exagerate, but it definitely took them more than two hours to respond to a simple DM.
And then there was the terrible mix-up of the service crew. By the time my issue with the service was well into the second week of the problem, I had a total of three service reference numbers for supposed site visits. Two of these three did not manifest; I wasn’t even informed that the team worked on my account at all. I wasn’t even made aware if the first two service reference teams had any findings whatsoever.
The third team had the terribly impeccable timing of dropping by completely unannounced on a Sunday—just when I was about to leave the house. I was so frustrated, I was screaming at them from the front gate of the house. I couldn’t very well accommodate them at the time. And then why wasn’t I informed at all by Sky that the team was going to drop by at all? I had no idea that 1. I had a third job order in queue, and 2. A team was coming over on Sunday. I was of the opinion that Sky didn’t care at all about my account.
So I told them to reschedule me the next day. And they did. The repairman informed me close to 10AM on Monday, May 2, 2016, that he was arriving, and at 10AM sharp, he was here. He checked the cable of my modem, used a handheld computer to adjust the signal coming in from the cable, and voila. I had internet. I was ready to kiss his boots in gratitude. And I even tweeted a nice DM to @SKYServes because I thought that this was all over.
And then my internet crapped out at 2pm later that afternoon. Only to return at 8PM later that night. Which meant that I didn’t get any work done.
So the moral of the story here is that when Sky Broadband is good, it’s amazing. But when they do “repairs” in your area, it’s time to jump ship because they’re going to suck so much, you’re going to be more frustrated than sympathetic with whatever it is they’re going through.


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