Monday, June 16, 2014

Dusting Off The Writing Machine

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Yes ladies and gentlemen, or whatever form of creature out there reads my blog on a relatively regular basis, the fat man lives. The fat man is back, is still fat, and is surprisingly spending more of his time actually writing sensible work-related things.


Me, during a fit of work-induced insanity.

Which is why I haven’t been writing. I usually clock out at the end of the day with my mind so beat that the only form of creative writing I could take is playing something on the DS; I have recently just finished Golden Sun: Dark Dawn (a wonderful follow-up to the first two games on the GBA, complete with a despicable cliffhanger), and will be proceeding to replay Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2, which I threw away in disgust when my original save file vanished, more than two years ago.

This sounds terribly complicated, but the truth is that when I finish working, I pack my laptop into my bag, step out of my office in the first floor of the house, shove off for my room, and sit in front of my table and play.

But I’ve discovered that I spend more hours actually writing than just editing these days, which has been tough on the ol’ noggin, seeing that it hasn’t seen much writerly activity in the past few years. Sitting in front of a blank MS Word page and making word appear as if by magic for hours on end gives my brain the sensation of a waking limb; here, good sir, is a portion of your mind that hasn’t been used in ages. Let us, for now, dust it, oil the cogs, and we’ll see how things go. And, of course, hope for the best.

And the best, so far, has been happening. I’ve always said that one day, I would quit hiring two-penny half-penny writers and take on the writing duties all on my lonesome since that would probably end up saving me more time on cleaning up, and so far, I haven’t been disappointed. There hasn’t been any problem with work, except during the days wherein I can’t work for whatever reason, and my clients have been pretty pleased with the output. More so than when I was just editing, I might add. Which makes my heart swell just a little bit, enough to mitigate the risk of heart failure.

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