Friday, July 01, 2011

Birthday Wishes

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Twenty-eight years ago, today - well, at 3pm today - a legend was born.

I am that legend. Heh.


I was told off (somewhat) by my parents for not wanting anything for my birthday. No matter how unusual that may seem, they had their reasons, and they actually made sense, in a way.

So for the entirety of yesterday, I racked my brains for anything I may want for the day I celebrate my birth.

Some people find it easy to list the things that they want. Me? I couldn't even make a list of ten things.

In any case, here are five of the items I think I'd enjoy being given:

  • Bluetooth headset - I'm not picky. I once had this unit from CD-R King, and I'd be happy to have the exact same one. See, I like being able to keep my hands free while I talk on the phone, and hands-free wired alternatives only make me hate cables even more.

  • Crocs - I like the brand. Crocs, be they fake or original (although the knock-offs offer a greater sense of satisfaction), are my casual footwear of choice. I use them while walking in the morning, and I use them for going out as well. Unfortunately, all of my present Crocs have all been worn out. Thus, I'd appreciate donations of two decent pairs of copy Crocs. Size eight and coloured grey, please.

  • ePad - Don't get me wrong. As much as I aspire for an Asus Transformer or even an iPad, I'd be very happy to settle for a Chinese tablet. They're cheap, ultraportable, and I can work on them wherever. Bruce was worried that the processing speed was too slow for my patience, but I think I've learned a thing or two about patience over the years.

  • Leather golfer's hat - I once tried out this nice hat in Baguio. It was leather, it was cheap, and I think I looked good in it. But Nina thought otherwise, so I didn't buy it. Nowadays, I look at that photo with mixed admiration and regret. Because I really looked so damn good in that hat.

  • Cellphone belt pouch - the Golla pouch that I'd been using, for one reason or another, seems to have vanished from my room. Anybody who's had the pleasure of knowing me for at least five years knows about my track record with unprotected cellphones and taxi cabs (and that one instance with a tricycle). So I loved that belt pouch, and I despair over it's (apparent) loss, because it was the one thing that kept me from a cellphone-less life.

And that's pretty much it. If this may seem too simple, well - it is. It was the best I could come up with, at a moment's notice. So deal with it!

If you start talking about birthday food, though, now that's another story.

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