Wednesday, February 16, 2011

More New Beginnings

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You could be wondering what the hell it is with the constant change of web addresses. Well, I figured that I wasn't really the introspective , artsy-fartsy type when it came right down to it.

So this led me to thinking that maybe the reason why I wasn't blogging so efficiently was that before, I was't really being "who I was", whatever that means. Reading back to my old posts, I figured that I wrote best as a snarky know-it-all.

Plus I figured I could care less about this city or any other city. Location is a vessel, and the more I tried to read into it, the more I realized that where I was currently was no different from me being in a Volvo. Or a Dachshund.

So I decided to be more blatant about my blog. I am a fat man. Therefore, the fat man cometh.

Another thing is that this marks my first email post. So if this is successful - MOOHAHAHA.

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