Thursday, April 08, 2010

Holy Heart Attack, Batman

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Apparently, when people started hearing rumours about the KFC Double-Down—a chicken sandwich where the bread is made of chicken, and the filling is made of bacon—the powers that be weren’t kidding around.

Now, lemme tell you something. Once upon a time, I tried a delicacy from Wendy’s that they affectionately called the Baconator, a monster of a sandwich that hit your stomach (and your arteries) as hard as Ahnuld would have hit an opposing flunky back in the day.

The Baconator was really good. If I were an athlete, I’ll bet you anything that I would have been able to use every single calorie in that burger with no trouble at all.  But I’m no athlete, and I felt the hugeness of that burger eight hours after I finished eating it.

It was humongous, and it knew how to make its presence felt.

Now, here comes KFC with the Double-Down. Check the picture to see just how mouth-wateringly lethal this sandwich is:



Doesn’t it look deadly? There’s supposed to be a grilled version, but I’m not too sure if local stores will carry those (I’m not even sure if local stores will even carry the item, really).

Now, it has less calories than most of the other big burgers out there (less than the Angry Whopper, definitely), so it might not actually be that bad for you, even if you’re no athlete. But the salt content is enough to put your kidneys on a fix. I think that when I do try to eat this, I’ll be chewing on it for half a day, then revert back to a purely vegetable-based diet (or if worse comes to worst, steamed fish-based) for the rest of the day just to make up for the salt.

You can read more about it on this post.

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