Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Work your way to Happiness. Literally.

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I love going to the gym. While it has yet to become one of the things that I absolutely must do in order to call a day complete, I can't say that I mind the sensation of actually working muscles into a physical concept, as opposed to a metaphysical one.

But I managed to find an article related to something Nina showed me a link that blew me away. I never imagined that the opposite gender'll be going for their workouts for a reason far removed from fitness and endorphins. Oh yes, the logic behind this new motive still relies on happiness, but the emphasis is more on instant gratification as opposed to maintenance of moods and increasing the body's capacity for hard work.

I speak of the coregasm. Read the article here, but let me give you the low down on what it is.

The coregasm is, in as few words as possible, an orgasm induced by core workout. I poked around the Internet a bit, and came up with testimonials that validate it's existence, and queries from women who have yet to experience this unprecedented wonder that have -probably- been the deepest, darkest secret of female gym rats for decades now.

There probably haven't been studies about it, so there's no way of saying if the coregasm is rooted on fact or fiction. But the rationale behind it isn't far-fetched - I will not relate how it is possible here, for fear of incriminating myself since my family reads this blog on occasion, so feel free to conduct a little bit of research. It shouldn't take you long - I mean, as far as keywords go, coregasm has got to be one of the most unusual words you can find in any dictionary. I doubt if it'll have any other meaning aside from the obvious.

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