Sunday, March 29, 2009


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Left: Carlo Caparas heroes (left) versus Mars Ravelo (right). I'm going for the Caparas heroes. Lastikman and Flash Bomba are too weird for my taste. GMA wrecked Kamandag, so here's to hoping they don't destroy any of the remaining Pinoy komiks heroes.

I actually liked ABS-CBN's first chapter of Ang Panday. Echo Rosales was a pretty decent Flavio replacement (although he technically wasn't a blacksmith). I still say Bong Revilla was the best Captain Barbell, and nobody beats Anjenette Abayari's Darna.

Seriously though, all these recent "remakes" of these heroes don't even do them a bit of justice. Compare GMA's pansy Kamandag to the one you see up there in the image. If anybody who isn't even remotely musclebound plays as Armadong Armas, I will revolt. Lastikman was played pretty well, except that for somebody who's supposd to be a Plastic Man / Mr. Fantastic rip-off with Spiderman's wit, the TV version didn't do him justice.

Anyway, here's a question. Who's your favorite Pinoy superhero?


  1. If I ever had the money, I'd have George Perez draw Darna, Captain Barbell, Panday, Lastikman, and whomever else I can get in a group shot.