Monday, March 16, 2009

Feeling Dumb

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What do you do when the one thing you're supposed to be the best with is the one thing you can't do effectively for two straight weeks in a row?

Some people, when they have trouble working on their work, a good walk out in the streets or a nice weekend out of town does the trick for them. It's like getting a massage for your mental faculties. It serves to untangle the mental knots brought about by repetition, and once they're back on their desks it was as if the stress was never there at all.

I'm not like that. I don't destress easily. Funny how the words destress and distress are just one letter apart yet differ from each other so much.

But something Chris Rock said in his video for The Black List made me think and consider how this is actually a chance to grow.

The license to be bad. And come back. And learn. Wow. That's so brilliant. Yeah, I know it's not rocket science, but sometimes it's the simple things that we don't notice. These are the things that make the biggest impacts in our lives - because these are the things we don't usually notice in our psyche.

So yes. I'm feeling dumb now. But this can't last forever. That's good enough for me to live on, for now.

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