Sunday, February 01, 2009

The Little Guy

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Independent contractors are an endangered species. No matter what creative endeavor you enter - writing, music or even writing code - you run the risk of being left behind without so much as a thank you by your client. Intellectual theft made easy, especially when you live in a country which offers very little protection against similar acts of stealing.

But when a big corporation decides to go and cut costs by pulling a fast one on the little man, what does that say about how our own industry bigwigs and leaders view the wealth of skill and expertise our solo entrepreneurs have to offer?

Gary Granada spells it out rather well in this short audio clip. Please do take the time to listen to it and see just how blatantly the manggagawa can be exploited in the Philippines.

Gary Granada vs GMA Kapuso - Gary Granada

It's rather sad when an act of good faith gets corrupted by executives who are always looking for ways to cut costs. It's always the little guy who gets the short end of the stick.

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