Wednesday, January 28, 2009


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Item #1

I was at the gym this morning, and I was wearing my swim shorts the entire time. The plan was that after a relatively light workout, I'd hit the Pan Pacific swim pool for a couple of laps - this was going to be my cardiovascular exercise for the day.

Well, upon checking on the availability of showers around the pool area (it was beside the gym, so I wasn't sure if there were decent showers aside from the ones in Slimmer's World), I change shoes, grab my towel, and head on up to the pool, looking forward to a good, straightforward swim.

And was utterly disappointed when I discovered that the pool was a kidney pool. The problem with a kidney pool is that the shape lends it impossible to perform decent laps. So much for decent cardio. I slung my towel back over my shoulder and slumped into the gym's lockers.

Item #2

I ended up discussing a single question with two friends, who had similar answers but with different outlooks. It was curious. They were both down and out folks, but the younger guy had a more detached opinion in the matter, while the guy who was pushing his forties was more hopeful.

I wonder if age really does make one more capable of thinking things through.

Item #3

People put too much stock on point of view, or perspective. Some people might call it a difference in opinions. I call it an inability to be patient.

Item #4

Maybe this really is a dream.

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