Friday, November 02, 2007

When You Can't Sleep...

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Hunger is your worst opponent.

I am hungry. Very very very hungry. I only have oatmeal and rhum in the house. And I can't sleep.

I'm going into town again. The problem with that is that today (and tomorrow) are actually holidays, so I'm thinking that the chances of me finding a motorela to take me to town are very very slim.

So wish me luck, friends. Or else I walk. For two hours. In the dead of night. I'm brining an arnis stick and a knife, just to be safe.

By the way, I'd like to greet two really fantastic people, who're both celebrating their birthdays today. The first is my graphic designer and artist friend extraordinaire Camille Del Rosario, who, up to this day, is one of the few people (women!) I know capable of downing twelve shots of tequilla; and no, she technically didn't make it out alive, hahaha!

The second is my ultra-cool father, Vic Cruz, from whom I inherited the amazing Cruz legacy of imbibing enough liquor to fill a distillery. You - and subsequently, I - have inspired hosts of people who visit the hallowed grounds of Mt. Narciso to bring that legacy to new heights. My friends will attest to that.

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